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NEW -- DL3000 Series DC Electronic Load

The DL3000 Series of Electronic Loads expands our Power Analysis Portfolio.  Engineers evaluating power, optimizing for power efficiency, and working to maximize battery life will find the DL3000 to be a powerful and affordable solution to determine power needs, debug designs and speed time to market. 

  • Max Power Draw of up to 350W, 150V or 60A
  • Industry Leading 5A/us Slew Rate
  • 30KHz Dynamic Frequency
  • 4 Constant Modes (Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance)
  • 4 Transient Modes (Continuous Pulse, Timed Pulse, Toggle, List)
  • 3 Application Modes (Battery Test, Over current, Over Power)

Starting at just $499

Visit our DL3000 Introduction Page for Introductory Videos, Application Videos and other valuable content that will help you to learn about the DL3000.


DL3000 Introduction Page


Our first US Beta Customer was Malcolm Armstrong.  Malcolm is the son of our own Chris Armstrong and he used the DL3000 in his 6th grade science fair exhibit.  Congratulations Malcolm!  Read about Malcolm's research here.

Price Reductions on the 3.2GHz and 7.5GHz DSA800 models

If you have ever considered upgrading to a 3.2 or 7.5GHz spectrum analyzer but the cost was just too high we are pleased to inform you that effective July 1st the prices of those RIGOL Spectrum Analyzers are being significantly reduced.  With pricing ranging from $1,999 to $6999 this is a truly unprecedented value.  Give us a call at 877-474-4651 if you need a quote or have any questions.


Learn more about the DSA800 Series

New Pricing...  up to 40% reduced!

 DSA832E         $1,999

DSA832E-TG   $2,599

DSA832            $2,999

DSA832-TG      $3,599

DSA875            $5,999

DSA875-TG      $6,999

On June 8th RIGOL held a technology launch event at our facility in Suzhou China to roll out our new Phoenix Chipset and Ultravision II scope architecture.  We are amazingly excited about these technological innovations, many years in the making, that will help transform the RIGOL scope portfolio for years to come.

There are three chips in the Phoenix chipset (each named after stars in the Phoenix Constellation).  The Analog Front End Chip (named Beta Phoenicis) will allow for front end bandwidth of 4GHz with highly integrated capability allowing for simplified and highly reliable front end design.  The Signal Processing Chip (named Ankaa) supports 10GSa/s sampling with bandwidth up to 6GHz and the Probe Amplifier Chip (named Gamma Phoenicis) will support a 6GHz Active Differential probe.  The ASICs are based entirely on RIGOL IP and were developed entirely in-house.

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Download the latest RIGOL Catalog

A great resource to help you compare, select, and learn about our broad portfolio of Test and Measurement solutions.  Whether you need time domain, frequency domain, or precision instrumentation you can find what we need from RIGOL.

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