IOT Connected Electronics Seminar Content

Debugging Serial Communication and Signal Integrity

In this track we will identify tools and teqniques to capture and identify signal integrity issues impacting serial communications

Session #1 - Identifying Signal Integrity Issues  VIEW NOW

Session #2 - Isolating Digital Patterns VIEW NOW

Session #3 - Protocol Analysis - VIEW NOW

Session #4 - Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis - VIEW NOW


RF Sensor Integration and Demodulation

In this track we will introduce basic RF concepts and techniques to characterize RF signals and data transmission issues

Session #1 - Basic RF Concepts and Antenna Characterization using VSWR - VIEW NOW

Session #2 - Characterizing RF Components with BODE Plot analysis -  VIEW NOW

Session #3 - Data Transmission, Basic Demodulation, and Bit Error Rate Testing VIEW NOW

Session #4 - Characterizing RF Trancievers with Advanced IQ Demodulation - VIEW NOW


Characterizing Power Requirements

In this track we will discuss how to determine Boot Up Energy, Nominal Power, and Operational Power requirements of your design

Session #1 - Calculating Boot Up Energy Requirements - View Now

Session #2 - Determining Operational and Nominal Power Draw -  View Now

 Session #3 - Emulating Boot Up energy on an Electronic Load and Battery Testing -  View Now

Robot Build Video Series

An 11 Video series where we apply these debug techniques in the construction and debug of a popular robot.  An excellent project based series to demonstrate these interconnected electronics concepts in a real world environment.

  1. Robot Testing_Project Introduction - VIEW NOW
  2. Robot Testing_Protocol Analysis - VIEW NOW
  3. Robot Testing_Antenna Selection- VIEW NOW
  4. Robot Testing_Stepper Motor Installation - VIEW NOW
  5. Robot Testing_Ultrasonic Sensor Installation- VIEW NOW
  6. Robot Testing_Infrared Sensor Installation- VIEW NOW
  7. Robot Testing_Boot Up Energy Testing- VIEW NOW
  8. Robot Testing_Nominal Power Testing - VIEW NOW
  9. Robot Testing_Operational Power Testing - VIEW NOW
  10. Robot Testing_EMI Pre-Compliance Testing- VIEW NOW
  11. Robot Testing_Project Summary - VIEW NOW