RIGOL Instrument Calibration

All Instruments Products come with a Factory Calibration Certificate

Traceable to the International System of Units (SI).  RIGOL certifies that the product meets or exceeds published measurement specifications and has been calibrated using standards traceable to National Metrology Institutes (NIST, NIM, NPL,PTB).  The policies and proceedures used at the RIGOL facility are based on ISO9001 & ISO/IEC17025:2005. 

Recommended Instrument Calibration Intervals are identified in the corresponding product datasheet and user manual.

RIGOL has determined that the factory calibration of our instruments are not significantly affected by storage of up to 180 days before first-time use.  Cal Interval should start at the time the unit is placed in service OR 180 days past the "Date of Calibration" on the certificate received with the unit.  (note: there are several exceptions to this.  Please see your instrument's Calibration Certificate for the specifics of your product.)


RIGOL Calibration Partners

RIGOL does not provide post sale calibration services but partners with calibration experts to provide that service including:


esz AG calibration & metrology is among Europe's leading and most modern metrology laboratories. Core competency is industrial calibration for test and measurement equipment. Tailored software solutions, an outstanding range of service and cost transparency characterize esz AG in more than 40 years of business. esz AG operate branch offices in Germany and the European Union.

Contact esz AG: https://www.esz-ag.com/contact/contact_persons.html

Web: https://www.esz-ag.com/


esz AG calibration & metrology ist eines der führenden wie modernsten Metrologielabore Europas. Unternehmensschwerpunkt ist die Kalibrierung industrieller Messtechnik. Passgenaue Softwarelösungen, ein großes Leistungsportfolio sowie Kostentransparenz zeichnen sie seit über 40 Jahren aus. Das Kalibrierlabor hat seinen Hauptsitz in Eichenau bei München und verfügt über Niederlassungen in Deutschland und Europa.

Kontakt esz AG: https://www.esz-ag.de/kontakt/ansprechpartner.html

Web: https://www.esz-ag.de/


Calibration Partner of RIGOL

Testo Industrial Services GmbH is RIGOL’s  competent partner for calibration services for all RIGOL equipment .

With over 220 calibration procedures, accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, Testo Industrial Services GmbH is one of the world's leading service providers for calibrations. They calibrate from standard multimeters up to very specialized high frequency equipment as well as many other parameters from all manufacturers. Their DAkkS accreditations in the low frequency and  high frequency range are valid for laboratory as well as for onsite calibrations. Please see their Accreditation Certificate.

Calibration services at Testo Industrial Services GmbH

Further information required?  Please contact them at: