Compare the RIGOL 5000 Series with the competition

With class leading performance specifications, feature rich advanced analysis features, next generation UI, and up to a 50% price advantage the MSO5000 brings uncompromised flexibility & capability to every engineer’s bench.

We encourage you to compare the 5000 Series with the competitive Tektronix and Keysight solutions. 


Uncompromised Performance...

          Unprecedented Value


Data Sources:  Tektronix MSO/DPO2000B Datasheet (43GW-28413-8) dated 21 Mar 2018 and  Keysight 2000 X Series Data Sheet (5990-6679EN) dated February 4, 2018

Comparison Videos - Tektronix MSO2000B


See the benefits of 8GSa/sec sampling and long record length in comparison to the MSO2000B.  Avoid undersampling and signal distortion.

Long Memory Capture

With up to 200 times the memory of the MSO2000B, the RIGOL 5000 gives you the best zoom, search, and measurement capabilities in its class.

FFT Comparison

The RIGOL 5000 Series delivers high resolution FFTs (up to 1 Mpts) with Spectrum Analyzer like controls including span, peak search, and color density.

Waveform Capture Rate

Compare waveform capture rate performance of the MSO5000 and the MSO2000B.  Significant performance advantages are delivered by the UltraVision II architecture.

Storage Speed

Moving Data off of the instrument for off-line analysis quickly and easily is important.  See how the RIGOL compares to the Tektronix.

Compare UltraVision II

The MSO5000 Series with UltraVision II Technology shares many of the advanced capabilities with the 7000 Series. See how these capabilities stack up against the MDO3000:

User Interface

With a 10.1" capacitive touch display, a next generation touch interface and support for 5 unique ways to interact with your instrument the RIGOL 7000 Series is a modern alternative to the MDO3000.  Compare the differences      *5000 Series has a 9" touch display.

Precision Measurements

The RIGOL 7000 Series allows you to capture and display full record length measurements (up to 500M) in real time.  Tekronix MDO3000 requires you stop the scope and wait ~9 seconds.                                                                              *5000 Series has a record length up to 200 MPts.

Serial Decode

Triggering on Serial Events and  Decoding serial traffic is a critical capability for modern mainstream oscilloscopes.  Compare the RIGOL MSO7000 capabilities to the Tektronix MDO3000. 

Advanced Protocol Analysis 

Displaying Decoded Protocol in appropriate human readable formats and displaying events and payload in a easy to navigate event table are key analysis tools.  Compare the RIGOL 7000 capabilities versus Tektronix MDO3000

Advanced Search

Users need tools like zoom, event tables and searh/mark capabilities to navigate long record lengths.  Compare the RIGOL 7000 Series ability to identify signals of interest versus the Tektronix MDO3000. 

ZONE Trigger

RIGOL's ZONE Trigger capability allows the user to quickly isolate signals of interest.  See how the zone trigger allows faster debug of pulsing signals when compared to the trigger capabilities of the Tektronix MDO3000

Logic Analyzer

Looking at digital timing is a critical piece of embedded system debug.  Compare the RIGOL MSO7000 capabilities to the Tektronix MDO3000.                                             *5000 Logic has a min. detectable pulse width of 5 ns instead of 3.2 ns on the 7000

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Uncompromised Performance...Unprecedented Value