The RIGOL DL3000 Progammable DC Load

The new DL3000 Series of DC Electronic Loads gives engineers evaluating power, optimizing power efficiency, and maximizing battery life a new powerful and affordable solution to quickly determine their power needs, debug their designs, and reduce their time to market.  

The DL3000 Delivers:

  • 4 Models
  • Max Power Draw of up to 350W, 150V, and 60A
  • 30Khz Dynamic Frequency
  • 4 Constant Modes 
  • 4 Transient Modes 
  • 3 Application Modes

Starting at just $499

Introduction Video 

This video lets you take a walk around the new unit to get feel for the mechanical characteristics, UI, and key features and capabilities of the DL3000


Battery Test

The DL3000's integrated Battery Test Mode allows users to complete battery discharge testing letting them see live capacity in mAh and service time.

This video gives an overview of this powerful capability for engineers ltrying to optimize battery life

There are 4 Static Modes in the DL300

  • Constant Current
  • Constant Voltage
  • Constant Power
  • Constant Resistance

View this video to learn how those modes function and the value they bring.

There are 4 Transient Modes in the DL3000

  • Continuous Pulse
  • Timed Pulse
  • Toggle
  • List

View this video to learn how those modes function and the value they bring.

Ultra Load Software

The free Ultra Load software application allows for full instrument monitoring and control over USB or LAN giving users more flexibility in how they set up and monitor experiments, as well as easy access to data for offline analysis.