S1220 ASK/FSK Demodulation Software

Thank you for your interest in the RIGOL S1220 ASK/FSK Demodulation Software.

Operating with RIGOL's DSA832, DSA832E, or DSA875 Spectrum Analyzer, the demodulation software provides our customers with a cost effective tool set for investigating, visualizing, and analyzing ASK and FSK signals. S1220 enables engineers to:

  • Decode real time ASK and FSK RF signals
  • Identify timing errors
  • Analyze noise and range tradeoffs
  • Visualize baseband data
  • Capture and compare RF signal parameters

To get started you will need to download and install the software on your PC.  You should first install our UltraSigma Communication Suite. Be aware, this download contains a full driver set and all required tools and as such it is a large download (>500MB).  Make sure you have a good internet connection. Then you can install S1220.

RIGOL has written an application note describing how S1220 can be used to validate keyless entry and other ASK/FSK applications

The S1220 SW comes with a demonstration/trial mode so by downloading it you will be able to see the UI and complete some basic functionality.  But if you plan to use the SW with an instrument past the free trial you will need to purchase the application. Buy now or contact one of our distribution partners.


How to activate your license

You will receive an email with your license certificate.  Follow the instructions on the license to navigate to our license License Activation page and generate your license string.  Enter the S1220 license string into the application when prompted and you will be ready to use the software.

To maximize your flexibility the S1220 SW is linked to the unit SN so you may install the application and control the analyzer from as many PCs as you like, perfect for shared resources.

 If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly. Thanks again.