DP8 Board Revision 2.0 Upgrade FAQ:

What issues have been found with the DP8 Board Revision 2.0?

In situations where the supply line voltage is significantly above nominal values control components can overheat. For Instance, some countries have power line voltage that used to be 240V, but is now 230V +/- 10%. 240V is still a perfectly correct power line, but it can cause overheating on the DP8 board.  This can lead to a protective reset condition and/or performance outside of specifications.

What corrective action is Rigol taking?

Rigol had already stopped manufacturing this board when the problem was found. Therefore, we are continuing to manufacture instruments with the newest board revision (2.1) while also manufacturing replacement version 2.1 boards for customers with units in the field that could be affected. While the issue occurs most commonly where supply line voltage exceeds nominal values in order to maximize the quality and value of all our products for all of our customers worldwide Rigol is offering a free board update and recalibration at our expense regardless of whether customers have seen or are likely to see any issue. The updated board revision will include a larger heat sink and revised layout to ensure proper operation under all correct power line conditions.

I own a DP8 Power Supply – what do I need to do to get my unit updated?

Go here and enter your information or contact your local Rigol office or distributor directly. As parts become available Rigol will contact you to arrange upgrade and recalibrate your instrument. Parts will be available first in regions where customers are seeing the problem occur. If your DP8 exhibits the reset problem or is operating outside of specification please contact Rigol or your distributor directly for an RMA.

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