UltraVision II Promotions

Free Options Bundle on select models 


Maximize the analysis capability of your new instrument.  Purchase any UltraVision II oscilloscope and receive a free bundle option when you register your product.

  • Buy MSO8000 and Get Free Bundle, including MSO8000-COMP, MSO8000-EMBD, MSO8000-AUTO, MSO8000-FLEX, MSO8000-AUDIO, MSO8000-AERO, MSO8000-AWG, MSO8000-JITTER and MSO8000-PWR.

  • Buy DS/MSO7000 and Get Free Bundle, including DS7000-COMP, DS7000-EMBD, DS7000-AUTO, DS7000-FLEX, DS7000-AUDIO, DS7000-AERO, DS7000-AWG, and DS7000-PWR.

  • Buy MSO5000 and Get Free Bundle, including MSO5000-COMP, MSO5000-EMBD, MSO5000-AUTO, MSO5000-FLEX, MSO5000-AUDIO, MSO5000-AERO, MSO5000-AWG, and MSO5000-PWR.

Please fill out the form below and RIGOL will email you your license within 5 business day. If you have concerns or questions about how to fill out this form contact us at your convenience at info-intl@rigol.com

*Any purchse during the prmotion period (10/01/2019 - 3/31/2020)are eligible tfor the offer. RIGOL Technologies Inc. reserve the rights to reject or partially approve the application. All terms and conditions are subject to change without further notice.  


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