DP800 Series Power Supply Free Board Upgrade Request Form

Thank you again for purchasing a Rigol power supply and trusting part of your bench to us. Recently, we became aware of a thermal management problem on a previous revision of our power supply board that we have stopped manufacturing  since July, 2013 and that under certain circumstances, in some regions where higher than nominal supply line voltage exists, it may cause overheating or instrument protective resetting. Even though we haven’t seen this problem under normal circumstances in the U.S., we are initiating a board upgrade procedure that you are free to participate in. This will allow your instruments be updated to the newest firmware which includes a calibration that will improve its low current measurement capability as well as an upgrade to the latest hardware that will maintain operating temperature even under circumstances where supply voltage exceeds nominal values significantly.

Please fill out the information below and we will contact you to coordinate shipping of your power supply for the upgrade when parts are available. Requests will be filled on a first come, first serve basis by region.

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